Trinidad and tobago dating culture

These were for the local market, since they were cheap and popular, being essential as "browning" in creole cooking and as a key component of the cuisine of the many Venezuelans who were settling in the city at the point in time.

When Burnley Hunter died prematurely in 1892, the Woodbrook Estate was occupied by a huge, red-haired, Scots manager named Watson.

"Also dating from Amerindian times, the vessel for cooking the pepperpot was the canaree-a huge earthen cauldron often containing several gallons, and greatly heat-resistant.

The pepperpot at Woodbrook was said to have been nearing 100 years of existence by the time of the Watson management in the 1890s and was renowned both for its ancient canaree and excellent flavour.

This was a dish of Amerindian origin constituting the poisonous juice of bitter cassava (cassareep) infused with pepper (capsicum) and herbs to defuse its toxicity, stewed with meat and vegetables.

Pepperpot was an essential food in times before refrigeration, as the cassareep possessed preservative properties and thus the stew, if kept going over a slow fire, could literally keep edible for years, with the addition of fresh ingredients periodically.

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